Zilco SL Standard Saddle - Mini, Shetland, Small Pony

Zilco Harness SL Standard Saddle
Product Code: 449564
Brand: Zilco
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The SL Saddle is a treeless design. This means it is much more flexible and offers a comfortable fit for all types of conformation.

The saddle features in-built waffle pads, so they can be used with or without an extra saddle pad. The girth points are 25mm wide and lined for added durability.

This model is supplied as standard in all SL Harness. A Deluxe Saddle (with tree) or Sliding Backband model is also available.

Size Guide:
Length (Minimum): 82cm (32 1/4")
Length (Centre): 99cm (39")
Length (Maximum): 118cm (46 1/2")


Length (Minimum): 82cm (32 1/4")
Length (Centre): 110cm (43 1/3")
Length (Maximum): 137cm (54")

Small Pony
Length (Minimum): 85cm (33 1/2")
Length (Centre): 114cm (45")
Length (Maximum): 135cm (53")

What is a driving saddle?
The driving saddle is designed to support the shafts via the tugs and allows the vehicle to be turned by the pony by pushing on the shafts. Like other types of saddle, it lies on the horse's back directly behind the withers and often has an internal supportive framework known as the tree. The driving saddle is usually secured on either side by a girth passing beneath the horse. Unlike a riding saddle, it is an integral part of the driving harness and is not used as stand-alone equipment. 

A driving saddle may come with a fixed or sliding backband. It is vital that fixed shafts, as in a two wheeled vehicle, are only ever used with a sliding backband. Conversely a vehicle with independent shafts, as in many four wheeled vehicles, must only be used with a fixed backband. It is possible to fix a sliding backband using Conway buckles or stop tabs thus making it suitable for four wheel vehicles.
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