Tedex Hip Straps

Tedex hip straps to go with tedex breeching seat
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Brand: Zilco
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Pair of hip straps to go with the tedex harness.

Tedex harness is a very popular economical harness popular with beginers.

What are Hip Straps?
The hip straps, also known as loin straps or quarter straps, are used to support the seat of the breeching. They can be adjusted so that the seat of the breeching is sitting in the correct position, neither too high nor too low. 

How to adjust the loin straps - It is very important that the breeching is in the correct position. If it is too high, a consequence of the hip straps being too short, the seat of the breeching may slip over the point of the buttock and lodge under the dock. This would most likely happen when you were travelling downhill and would lead to the horse being placed in a great deal of pain and potentially running from this pain down the hill.  If it is too low, the seat of the breeching will be putting pressure too far down the leg where the horse is unable to support the weight of the vehicle. This may cause him to slip or run to get away from the discomfort. 

To set the breeching seat to the correct height look for the widest part (point of buttock) and narrowest part (approx a fist above the hock) and set the breeching roughly in the middle of those two points. If you are still unsure you should contact a professional who can assist you. 

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Tedex Breeching Seat
Tedex Breeching Seat
The tedex breeching seat is wide and well padded with waffle for maximum comfort
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