How to Select the Right Boots for Your Horse

Protecting your horse’s legs is vitally important, but what boots are up to the job? With so many different types of boots on the market, it can be tricky to know what is best for your horse.

1. How to Select Boots for Your Horse

2. Brushing Boots

3. Tendon and Fetlock Boots

4. Over Reach Boots

5. Cross Country Boots

6. Therapy Boots

How to Select Boots for Your Horse

Boots help to protect your horse's legs from impact and injury. They can be used during ridden work, lunging and turnout. When selecting boots, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Your purpose for using boots e.g. prevent injury, help with recovery 
  • What discipline you are riding or competing in
  • The areas of the leg you are trying to protect
  • Type of fabrics that best suit you and your horse 

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Brushing Boots

As the name suggests, these boots protect the horse when his legs brush or strike each other.

Brushing boots are a good option to have in your tack room as they can be used for a range of ridden activities, or when your horse is turned out.

Try… Rhinegold Breathable Neoprene Brushing Boots

Rhinegold Neoprene Brushing Boots

Made from lightweight neoprene, these boots are breathable whilst still offering good protection for everyday use.

Tendon and Fetlock Boots

Tendon boots help to protect the horse’s delicate tendons from the rear hooves striking them. Both tendon and fetlock boots also look after the inside of the horse’s legs from brushing injuries, much like a brushing boot.

These boots are often used for show jumping as the open front design allows the horse to feel if he has touched a pole. 

Try… Regal Pro MkIII Tendon and Fetlock Boots

Regal MkIII Tendon BootsRegal MkIII Fetlock Boots

Benefitting from a thick neoprene layer surrounded by a strong PU shell, these boots offer great protection. The hook system makes fitting and removing the boots quick and easy.

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Over Reach Boots

Over reach boots prevent injuries to the horse's heel bulbs. Sometimes horses can ‘over reach’ with a hind leg and strike this sensitive area. Over reach boots are used for a wide range of disciplines, and can be used while turned out in the field too.

Horses that are prone to pulling shoes may also wear over reach boots to help prevent this.

Try… Rhinegold Fleece Trim Flexi Rubber Over Reach Boots

 Rhinegold Fleece Trim Over Reach Boots

Durable with a strong Velcro strap, these boots also feature a soft fleece trim to minimise the chance of rubbing.

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Cross Country Boots

Going cross country is a demanding sport so you’ll need boots up to the job. Boots designed for cross country provide all-round protection which is key for galloping and jumping solid obstacles. They are also typically made of lightweight fabric that won’t hold water.

Try… Zilco X Country Performance Boots

Zilco XC Performance Boots

Tough, breathable and lightweight these boots will cope with the rigours of cross country riding. Zilco worked with their sponsored rider, Australian event rider Sam Lyle, so you can trust the fit and quality.

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Therapy Boots

Boots are not solely used for protection but they can be therapeutic too. After strenuous exercise or competition, you might like to use ice boots to help cool the legs and reduce possible inflammation. You can also use ice boots to treat injuries.

Try… Zilco Equine Ice Boots

Zilco Equine Ice Therapy Boots

These reusable ice boots from Zilco are super easy to use. Simply remove the ice packs from the freezer when required and attach them to the supplied fleece boots. They help to reduce swelling and speed up recovery.

Magnetic Boots

Magnetic boots are another type of therapeutic boot. These increase blood flow, helping to relieve stiffness and reduce filling in the horse’s legs. Magnetic therapy is particularly beneficial for horses with tendon problems, arthritis, or recovering from injury.

Try… Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Chaps and Hind & Hock Chaps

Equilibrium Magnetic Therapy BootsEquilibrium Hind Hock Magnetic Boots

Washable and easy to fit, these magnetic boots include four movable clinical grade VITAflex magnets. Soft and comfortable, they are ideal for horses suffering from stiffness or arthritis.

We hope this has helped you decide what boots your horse may need, and when to use them. If you need any further help we are happy to advise, just contact us.

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