About the Zilco Harness

Why is the Zilco Driving Harness the most widely used competition harness?

Zilco is unsurpassed in its technological advances in synthetic saddlery and harness. No matter the conditions, no matter the treatment Zilco products will maintain strength and durability. This means that it can be trusted when needed the most and proves to be a good investment for years and years of use. 

Care of your Zilco harness couldn't be simpler and compared to leather options it is by far the most logical choice. In addition, parts are sold individually which means your harness can be tailored exactly to your specific requriements. 

With safety in mind Zilco supply many different options for quick release in all of its harness ranges. 


One of the biggest appeals with Zilco harness is the ease of maintenance. Simply wipe clean, hose down or tub wash in warm soapy water. Hang to dry. Zilco driving harness always maintains its strength regardless of how wet or dirty it becomes from heavy use. 

About Zilco

The conception of ZILCO Harness came about from the idea of replacing leather with synthetic strapping. This was in Australia in the early 1960s. Zilco International has long since diversified into a widely based equestrian company yet it has always remained true to its ideology and continues to innovate in the area of synthetic saddlery.
The original plastic coated webbings have developed into more complex and sophisticated materials including mouldings and synthetic leathers. Zilco takes considerable pride in being a pioneer of modern technology for the benefit of the horse and rider. Design skills and workmanship are applied with care and commitment to the very highest of standards.

The first ZILCO Driving Harness dates from the mid 1970s and was produced in our Sydney factory. Thus we were one of the first, if not the first company to make this type of harness. Racing harness had already been made since 1963, so expertise was already well established when production of regular driving harness began. As well as in Australia, the first harness was sold in the UK at that time. This makes Zilco driving harness a key brand for over 30 years in both countries. Since then ZILCO has continued to become the choice of serious competitors worldwide. It is now a highly respected brand at the highest levels of competition in Europe and North America.
Highlights of the development have included the transfer of the factory to New Zealand in 1982, the development of bespoke manufacturing facilities in Asia around 2002 and the teaming up with the experienced harness designer Fiona Tedman in the UK. We have also benefited greatly from advice from such highly respected and successful drivers as George Bowman in the UK, with whom we are still associated. Currently we receive much advice and encouragement from the young Australian horseman Boyd Excel, who is headquartered in the UK and is a hugely successful European horse team competitor and coach.

"Zilco harness is twice the strength, half the weight and a tenth of the work compared to leather harness" George Bowman Snr. (June 2007)