Turnout Rug Guide | 2021 Collection

Choosing which rug to put on your horse can be a minefield. With so many different options, it’s tricky to know what rug is best, particularly with changing weather conditions. We’ll talk through what to consider when selecting a rug for your horse and some of the rugs we offer if you’re looking for a new one.

What should I think about when deciding which rug to put on?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a rug:

Clipped/Unclipped – unclipped horses or those with a small clip like a bib or trace probably won’t need as heavy a rug as those that are fully clipped.

Breed – native ponies are hardy and grow a thicker coat. They will likely not need as thick a rug as sportier types such as thoroughbreds or warmbloods.

Age - older ponies, or those that are very young, can struggle to keep weight on during the winter. They may feel the cold more so will need rugging appropriately.

Shelter & Food – if your horse has access to shelter away from the wind and rain they will stay warmer. Eating forage also helps them to generate heat.

Condition – horses that find it difficult to keep weight on may need a heavier rug. Equally, if your horse has come out of summer looking too well, you can use the cooler weather to help them lose weight safely.

Temperature – until temperatures fall to around 5-10°C, most horses don’t need rugging. However, do keep in mind the factors above as clipped, older and sportier breeds may need a rug before then. Also, if the forecast looks like it will warm up later, avoid putting on a heavy rug first thing in the morning if you won’t be able to get back to the yard to change the rug as your horse will likely get too hot.

A note on temperature…
Horses have a wide thermoneutral zone. This is the area where they don’t use any energy to warm up or cool themselves down. In horses, this is between 0°C and 25°C but in humans it’s between 25°C and 30°C. This means that even if we think it’s cold our horses probably don’t.

Lightweight Rugs

Similar to a raincoat, lightweight rugs have little to no fill. They are ideal for warm but wet weather, or for hardier native ponies.

Rhinegold Lightweight Turnout Rug

Rhinegold Lightweight Turnout

Tech details:
• No polyfill
• 600 denier ripstop, waterproof breathable outer
• Double chest straps, cross-over surcingles and leg straps
• Front shoulder gussets and tailguard
• Fun star design
• Size range: 4’6” – 7’0”

StormX Original 100g Combi Turnout Rug

Storm X Original 100g Turnout Rug

Tech details:
• 100gsm polyfill
• 600 denier polyester ripstop outer
• Integral contoured neck
• Tail flap, adjustable leg straps and surcingles
• Size range: 4’6” – 7’0”

Mediumweight Rugs

As the name suggests, these rugs offer a medium level of fill and warmth so are great for colder temperatures.

Rhinegold Elite Storm Turnout Rug

Rhinegold Elite Storm Turnout Rug

Tech details:
• 200gsm polyfill
• 1200 denier ripstop breathable, waterproof outer
• Breathable nylon lining
• Multi-adjustable chest with trigger hooks
• Stretch chest panel for freedom of movement
• Front shoulder pleats, large tail flap and surcingle guides
• Extra coverage neck cover included
• Size range: 4’6” – 7’3”

Whitaker Denshaw 200g Turnout Rug

Whitaker Turnout Rug 200g

Tech details:
• 200gsm polyfill
• Fully detachable neck cover
• Adjustable surcingles and clip front fastening 
• Shoulder gussets and tail guard
• Size range: 5’3” – 6’9”

Heavyweight Rugs

For freezing cold days, choose a heavyweight rug. These offer the most warmth and protection from the elements.

Rhinegold Glacier Combo Turnout Rug

Rhinegold Glacier Turnout Rug

Tech details:
• 320gsm polyfill
• 1200 denier ripstop breathable, waterproof outer
• Breathable nylon lining
• Front shoulder pleats, no back seam and double chest straps
• Integrated neck cover with easy click in buckles
• Size range: 5’6” – 7’0”

Rhinegold Zeus Outdoor Rug

Tech details:
• 350gsm polyfill
• 1000 denier ripstop breathable, waterproof outer
• Multi-adjustable chest with trigger hooks
• Front shoulder pleats and large tailguard
• Neck cover available separately 
• Size range: 4’6” – 7’3”


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