Putting To

Once you have safely fitted your harness to the pony, (see our blog post Fitting Carriage Driving Harness) it's time to put to.

The order in which you attach the pony to the carriage is very important for safety.


 So In Summary the order is:

1. Put the shafts through the tugs. If you have quick release tugs here is a close up

 2. Attach the traces on both sides. Using quick release shackles between the traces and the swingle tree adds an extra layer of safety

3. Do up the breeching straps. If you are using parrot clips then your breeching straps should be left on the vehicle and the parrot clip attached to the breeching dee

 4. Do up your bellyband to prevent the shafts lifiting on a two wheeler or bouncing around too much on a four wheeler


You should always have a groom at the pony's head whilst putting to and taking out and the groom should remain in control of the pony until you are safely mounted with whip in hand.

You can download a quick summary here

Harness Class Handout



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