Just Start!!

It may seem daunting to jump in but just Start!

The driving community is arguably the friendliest and most inclusive sport in the equestrian World

In no other equestrian sport can such a wide range of ages be seen competing successfully and on an equal footing. Men and woman can compete on a completely equal footing as well as those with a range of physical abilities. It really is an incredibly inclusive and welcoming sport, in fact it’s so inclusive you don’t even need a horse to get involved. Please see our blog How to Get Involved with Driving Trials When You Don't have a Horse!!

So what are you waiting for just start!

The BDS is a great place to start if you are just getting going and are interested in friendly drive outs and perhaps getting involved with showing. It offers an opportunity to meet like minded individuals and get help and advice.


Carriage Driving


If, however, like me you long for the fast lane and want to get involved with driving trials it has never been more accessible. During the winter months there is a thriving indoor scene. These events are typically over one day and cater for a vast array of levels of experience. They are very very friendly and welcoming and new people are always greeted warmly. Why not take a look at the Indoor Carriage Driving UK website for a venue near you and then just take the bull by the horns and get in touch. If you aren’t driving yet that’s ok you can still pop along, see what it’s about and meet some people.

 Small Pony Carriage Driving

In the summer months the sport moves outside and there are a range of events on offer all over the country from one day grassroots to three day National events. You can find a list of local driving clubs on the British Carriage Driving Website Affiliated Clubs Page. Once again with or without a turnout you will be welcomed and can come along to these events to help or observe.


You don’t need the very best of harness, carriage, lorry etc. There are all sorts of combinations attending events and all levels of budget. So long as your turnout is safe and you are in control that’s all that is required. This year British Carriage Driving have also introduced the VSE class to help those with “very small equines” get involved in the outdoor events. So can you get the slightly podgy short legged field ornament that your son or daughter left you with to come play at driving trials? With some training and preperation Absolutely You Can!!


There are also a number of Try Driving Days, sponsored by Zilco Europe, organised throughout the UK where you can come along and learn a little about what’s involved and ask lots of questions. Look for details on the British Carriage Driving Website or contact your Local Driving Club.


It really is not as daunting as you think. So just start!!


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