Introducing Mother Bee™: 100% Natural Products for You and Your Horse

Handcrafted in Northern Ireland, Mother Bee products soothe the skin of humans and equines alike. At Riding & Harness Stuff, we are really excited to be stockists of this small yet thriving brand. We can’t wait for you to try out their products. 

1. About Mother Bee™

2. A Chat with Mother Bee™'s Founder

3. The Mother Bee Product Line

About Mother Bee

Founded in 2014, Mother Bee was started by Cheryl Williams. She named the company after her mother who gave her the secret family recipe.

Mother Bee Sweet Relief

Soothe & Protect was the first product in the line, using the original formulation of beeswax and essential oils. The origins of Soothe & Protect can be traced all the way back to Cheryl’s great grandfather and it is still the flagship product within the Mother Bee range.

It wasn’t until Cheryl’s vet saw the healing benefits of her homemade cream on an injury-prone horse that she was encouraged to take the product to market. O’Reilly & Fee Vets became her first customer and the rest is history!

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A Chat with Mother Bee’s Founder

Cheryl Williams, the founder of Mother Bee, is an experienced equestrian. She has previously worked for equine feed companies, including research projects for performance horses, foal growth and development. A “Mother Bee” in her own right, Cheryl also has 3 horses, 4 dogs and 2 cats!

Cheryl Williams Founder of Mother Bee

We spoke to Cheryl about what is in store for the brand.

What inspired you to start the company?

“I was left the formulation of Soothe & Protect by my Mum after she passed away. It had been in the family for 100 years or more. Hence the name of the company: Mother Bee.”

 Do you have a favourite Mother Bee™ product?

“My go to has to be Soothe & Protect. There’s nothing it won’t do.”

What are your plans with the business for the future?

“To keep developing new products and expanding the business.” 

Why did you choose Riding & Harness Stuff to stock your products?

“It has a different element to the equestrian market than some retailers and we are excited to have them on board.”

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The Mother Bee Product Line

All Mother Bee products are 100% natural and are made in Benburb, Northern Ireland. The star ingredient is beeswax and the hives have the fabulous setting of The Servite Priory and Benburb Castle. 

Cheryl prides herself on only putting proven products on the market. With amazing testimonials from customers all over the world, it’s clear that Mother Bee products do exactly what they say they do.

There are products for humans, horses and dogs. Here are a few of our favourites…

For Humans

Mother Bee Yard Hand Rescue

Mother Bee Hand Rescue

We’re so used to dry, cracked hands as equestrians. The Hand Rescue contains beeswax to help lock in moisture and work as a barrier against the elements.

Mother Bee Lip Balm

Mother Bee Lip Balm

You’ll want one of these in your car, at the yard and in your coat pocket. The unique blend of beeswax and natural oils helps to soothe and protect chapped lips. 

For Horses

Mother Bee Bit Butter

Mother Bee Bit Butter

Ideal for sensitive horses, the Bit Butter prevents rubs in the corner of the mouth and promotes acceptance of the bit. It can also be used under FEI and Turf Club rules.

Mother Bee Mud Relief

Mother Bee Mud Relief

Wet, muddy conditions can cause irritation to the skin. This natural but powerful formulation includes vitamin A, B & E, as well as lavender and oregano. The oregano has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, whilst the lavender is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

For Dogs

Mother Bee Paw & Nose Balm


Mother Bee Palm and Nose Balm

If your dog suffers from dry or rough skin, then try this natural balm. A blend of oils, including lavender and beeswax, help to nourish your pet’s paws and nose.


Mother Bee Soothe & Protect

Mother Bee Soothe and Protect

The flagship product of the Mother Bee line, Soothe & Protect is suitable for all animals. The special recipe that features beeswax, tea tree and camphor not only repairs skin but forms a protective barrier.

See the results yourself…

Mother Bee Soothe and Protect Results Rain Scald


Shop the full Mother Bee range here.


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