Introducing eGlove: Riding Gloves to Fall in (G)Love With

Gloves are an essential for any equestrian. Not only do they protect your hands from the elements but the right pair ensure a good grip and feel on the reins. We are delighted to be stockists of eGlove who are specialists in gloves for athletes. 

1. About eGlove

2. A Chat with eGlove's Founder

3. eGlove Equestrian Gloves

Founded in 2009, eGlove was started by Neil. A keen sportsman, he has been involved in everything from Ironman to Back Country Heli-Skiing.

After not being able to use his iPhone whilst on top of a mountain in -20°C weather, he decided to design a performance sports glove that also embraced the use of technology. Everyone needs to be able to take a selfie while wearing their gloves, right?

eQuest Riding Gloves for Equestrians

James joined the team and together he and Neil began a six month process of designing, developing and testing. The first gloves in the range were designed for runners, quickly followed by a pairs for riders, golfers and skiers. 

eGlove is now run by James and his wife, Nikki. She is an ultra runner and completed a 100 day run streak in 2019! Neil left the company in 2015 but is still very close to it.

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A Chat with eGlove's Founder: James Yeo

We spoke with the founder of eGlove, James Yeo, about designing gloves for equestrians and what is in store for the brand.

What is the design process for new gloves like?

“For all our gloves we try to get rider feedback about what they are looking for – what are the key design features they need and take it from there! Once we have a design we make it touchscreen friendly, and add a bit of colour!”

What makes the eQUEST Grip Pro Leather Gloves perfect for equestrians?

“The eQUEST Grip Pro Leather is hardwearing, yet comfortable, stylish and practical. Our rainbow of colours makes it perfect for all the rider’s “Matchy Matchy” needs – all with the added benefit of the touchscreen compatible pads to allow for the perfect between the ears photo!”

eEquest Riding Gloves Through the Ears

What are your plans with the business for the future?

“We’re always adding more colours, and more designs. We’re looking to produce a competition range, as well as enhancing the winter glove selection.”

Why did you choose Riding & Harness Stuff to stock your products?

“As soon as we started talking to Sanchia, I knew we would be a perfect match. She “gets” the product and where it will fit in the range of gloves Rider & Harness Stuff already stock. Great reputation, nice website, easy to work with… What more could we ask for?”

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eQUEST Grip Pro Riding Gloves

eGlove may be a small business but they have big ideas. Their range of gloves use recycled materials in their packaging and they work with ethical manufacturers. Not only that, but the brand supports local charities and athletes through sponsorship. So, your new gloves will feel good and do good too!

We are excited to be stocking the eQUEST Riding Gloves. Tried and tested by professional riders, these have all the features you’ve been searching for:

    • Hardwearing yet soft leather
    • Touch screen compatible for selfies with your pony
    • Flexible grip so they fit and feel like a second skin
    • Technical fabric for high performance wear
    • Velcro strap so they are quick and easy to put on or remove

    They are also available in a range of colours and sizes. Check out the size guide to get your perfect fit.

    Shop the eQUEST Grip Pro Riding Gloves here.

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