How to Choose the Best Riding Boots for You

Choosing the right pair of riding boots is key to enjoying your time in the saddle. With a design that fits you well, you’ll feel more connected to the horse and able to give clear aids.

There are so many options which means there is likely to be the perfect pair for you but it can be tricky to know what to look for. We’ll take you through what to consider, some of our favourites, and how to look after your boots for years to come.

What to Consider When Choosing Riding Boots

Material – riding boots are typically leather, synthetic, or rubber. Leather will soften over time and is very long-lasting if cared for properly. Synthetic or rubber boots are typically a more affordable option and are easy to clean – simply wipe them off. Some boots will also feature suede or stretch panels. This helps to ‘hug’ your leg and offer a close fit.

Design – there are lots of different styles of boots. First, you’ll need to pick a jodhpur boot or long boot. Then, there are several fastening options such as pull-on, zip, or laces. There are also basic colour options such as brown or black, but some boots have fancier features such as diamante detailing or patent panels.

Fit – long boots often come in different widths and lengths for a more bespoke fit. Make sure to try out different styles to find what fits you best. If you’re ordering online, take measurements of both your legs whilst wearing jodhpurs or breeches before comparing to the size chart.

Discipline – if you’re competing it’s important to check the rules to ensure your boots are compliant. For example, in British Dressage, boots must be conservative, muted colours – best not to try out your new custom pink riding boots for your next dressage test!

Short Boots

Short boots are a popular choice for new riders or children with growing feet! They can offer more flexibility and movement around the ankle than long boots. When paired with chaps or gaiters, jodhpur boots can look just as smart as a pair of long riding boots.

Some of our favourite short boots…

Brogini Pavia Jodhpur Boots

Brogini Pavia Riding Boots

 Classically styled jodhpur boots that are an affordable yet high-quality option for new and experienced riders alike.

  • Smooth leather
  • Tough rubber sole
  • Elastic side panels
  • Pull-on design

Also available in brown, or for children.

Brogini Tivoli Zipped Boots

Brogini Tivoli Riding Boots

Hand-crafted from the finest leather, these boots are elegant and supportive.

  • Smooth leather
  • Anti-slip rubber sole
  • Front zip
  • Elasticated panels for ankle support

Also available in brown, or for children (brown and black). 

Rhinegold Elite Indiana Lace-Up Paddock Boots

Rhinegold Indiana Lace Up Brown Riding Boots

These leather paddock boots offer great adjustability thanks to the front laces. Perfect for everyday wear yet smart enough for competing too.

  • Soft waxy leather
  • Lace-up design
  • Elasticated sides
  • Brogue detailing
  • Energy return non-slip soles

Brogini Modena Synthetic Long Riding Boots

Brogini Modena Synthetic Long Riding Boots

These boots are a perfect option for everyday riding as the easy-care synthetic leather only needs wiping over after use.

  • Flexible sole technology
  • Elasticated panel offers a close yet comfy fit
  • Smooth synthetic leather
  • Different calf widths
  • Badge and zip guard

Also available for children.

Rhinegold Elite Luxus Leather Riding Boot

Rhinegold Elite Luxus Riding Boots

Luxurious long riding boots that are as practical as they are a joy to wear.

  • Soft leather
  • Elasticated front laces and stitch detailing
  • Sure grip sole
  • Elasticated calf panel for a close fit
  • Spur guards

Available in different colours and fittings here. 

Brogini Capitoli V2 Riding Boots

Brogini Capitoli V2 Riding Boots

Crafted from Brazilian leather, these show-stopping boots are perfect for competing or adding a little glamour to everyday riding.

  • Field style boot with laces
  • Full length rear zip
  • Elasticated panel for a close yet comfortable fit
  • Different calf widths
  • Brogini detailing 


Did you know? Long riding boots can drop up to 1” in height at the back of the knee so don’t buy them too short! You can help speed up the breaking in process by wearing your boots around the house before riding in them.

Alternatives to Traditional Riding Boots

If you’re looking for something a bit different, we have some great options. For the warmer months, something like the breathable Rhinegold Elite Mustang Riding/Yard Trainer will keep your feet cool and comfy. Or for the winter, you might be looking for something a bit cosier, such as the Rhinegold Nevis Winter Boots. These are water-repellent and lined with faux fur so your feet will be warm and dry.

Rhinegold Elite Mustang Yard/Riding TrainersRhinegold Nevis Winter Riding Boots

Country boots are a popular choice for equestrians. Not all country boots are designed for riding though. It’s important to choose boots that won’t restrict your ability to give aids to your horse or could get stuck in the stirrups. Ideally, riding boots should have a heel of 1-1.5 inches and a small tread for grip.

The Brogini Winchester Country Boots were specifically designed to be a seamless transition between a country and riding boot. You’ll be able to go straight into the saddle from yard work in these boots and we love the suede panels which provide a close contact with the horse.

Brogini Winchester Country Riding Boots 

How to Care for Your Riding Boots

Synthetic boots are easily cleaned after a ride. Simply wipe them over with a damp cloth or sponge. If you want to add a little shine, apply some Gold Label Polyshine.

Leather boots require a bit more maintenance but it’s worth the effort to keep them supple and in good condition. Start in the same way as synthetic boots by removing dirt with a damp cloth or sponge. Allow the boots to dry naturally before applying a leather conditioner. This will keep the leather soft and water repellent. If your leather boots are very dry and in need of some TLC, try a leather oil and allow it to thoroughly soak in.

You’ll want to keep your boots in tip top condition once you’ve cleaned them so we recommend a boot bag for storing or transporting them.

Enjoy going for a ride in your new boots!


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