Does my horse need a harness pad?

What are harness pads and why do we use them?

Harness pads are any form of cushioning which is used under any part of the driving harness with the purpose of improving comfort or fit. They are also often favoured to enhance the look of the turnout and coordinate the team colours! We all love a bit of matchy matchy 😊

Zilco Fleece Pads


So where can you use harness pads?

Primarily these are used on the breastplate or  under the saddle pad however you might find pads under breeching seats, on headpieces, nosebands, the wither and even along the length of the traces.

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What are they made of and how do they attach?

Most harness pads attach simply using velcro.

There are a number of different materials used in harness pads with varying degrees of cushioning. Many people favour the waffle style as they can be easily washed down along with your harness and do not hold water after water splashes and heavy sweating.

Zilco Waffle Breastplate Liners

A softer option is the foam filled cotton pad of puffer pad. These may come in a variety of sizes and colours to suit individual turnouts.

Zilco Driva Puffer Harness Pad

One of the thickest styles of harness pad is the fleece. This offers excellent cushioning but can be a little bulky on smaller turnouts

Zilco Fleece Pads

Another option is gel filled harness pads. These tend not to be too bulky and are fairly unobtrusive. They offer a good level of cushioning

Zilco Driva Gel Lite Harness Pad

Another excellent material is the wool liner. Wool is an excellent choice favoured for it's many natural properties. It is lighter and more comfortable than fleece and more breathable than most synthetic materials. It has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties as well as being excellent at wicking away sweat.

 Zilco Wool Harness Liner


Does my horse need a harness pad?

In a perfect scenario no. If you harness fits perfectly and your horse or pony is comfortable then there is no necessity to use a pad. However, even in these situations you can still improve the comfort and weight dispersal for your horse or pony so why wouldn't you? They can also reduce wear on your harness and it's a lot cheaper to replace a harness pad than a section of harness.

We have a large range of harness pads so there is sure to be one that's just right for your turnout.


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