A Guide to Summer Fun with Your Horse

Summer is the ultimate time to have fun with your horse. You’ve survived the cold, dark, muddy winter and now is your chance to enjoy longer, warmer days.

It can be easy to get stuck in a rut of aimlessly schooling, or worrying about your next competition. We’re here to help bring some fun back to your training.

Emma Massingale driving ponies

When we think about having fun we can’t help but think of our brand ambassador Emma Massingale. Here’s what Emma had to say about having fun:

“The word “Fun” often seems to get lost or pushed back when we are adults. I truly believe that putting the fun back into our way of working with horses ignites that passion, drive and sense that anything is possible we all have as children. Having fun with my horses and ponies is like a tonic to me.”
Are you ready to get back your childlike wonder and have fun? Check out our ideas to make this summer the best one yet:

• Driving
• Endurance Riding
• Pamper Day
• Horseboarding


Emma Massingale driving her ponies
Since driving is our speciality we couldn’t help but include this. If you’re a new driver, there are lots of ways to get involved. Joining a driving club can help you get started and attend training sessions. We are of course happy to help advise on what kit would suit you and your horse.

If you’re a more experienced driver, why not try mixing up your driving configurations, or trying a different discipline?

Emma has been trying out driving with her ponies:
“This year I’ve been focusing a lot of driving, it’s safe to say I’m addicted and totally fascinated by it all. The training is so interesting coming from a liberty background. The formations are so much fun to experiment with, a random with the donkey and two Shetland stallions is a hoot or a team of six young colts, the challenge is what makes it so much fun.”

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Endurance Riding

Zilco Endurance Range

Summer is a great opportunity to explore some longer hacking routes. You might want to take it further though and give endurance riding a go. Any horse or pony with a reasonable level of fitness can take part – it’s not just purebred Arabs!

There are lots of groups around the UK that organise rides from 5 miles, all the way up to 100 miles so there’s a way for everyone to get involved.

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Pamper Day

Horse Pamper Day

A spa day with a bit of pampering is a treat for all equines. They’ll love being washed down in the warm weather and given a bit of a spruce up. A massage brush will also help stimulate the skin.

You can use the pamper day to practise your plaiting skills ahead of show day, or just to spend a bit of time with your retired golden oldie. Don’t forget to snap a few pictures of your pony looking immaculate before you turn them out. You know they will find the dirtiest patch to roll in as soon as possible…

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Emma Massingale Horseboarding

If the suggestions above aren’t adventurous enough for you then horseboarding could be your new thing. Emma loves taking her horse Evenos out onto the moors. We’d recommend having a go in the field at home to establish some brakes first though! Here’s why Emma loves horseboarding:

“I also enjoy a lot of Horseboarding or sking behind my guys, it’s great fun solo and a different perspective on a similar style of training. If you have a driving horse or pony it’s pretty easy to have a go on a mountain board, it’s a bit more of a work out than sitting on a carriage but it’s hilarious and sure to create some good bloopers for social media too! You can also go more off road with a board which is nice to explore with.”

Want to give horseboarding a go but not sure what you’ll need? Check out this blog post which outlines the kit you’ll need to get started.

We would love to see how you have fun with your ponies this summer! Be sure to tag us on social media @harnessstuff, use #harnessstuff, or email us directly at hello@harnessstuff.co.uk

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