A Guide to Hoof Boots for Your Horse: Which Horses Can Use Them, the Benefits & Types of Hoof Boots

Have you ever used hoof boots on your horse? Metal shoes have been used as early as the sixth or seventh century and are still commonly used on horses today. There is an alternative though. Read on to learn more about hoof boots and see if they could be a good option for your horse.

This blog covers:

  1. What is a Hoof Boot?
  2. Which Horses Can Use Hoof Boots?
  3. Benefits of Hoof Boots
  4. Types of Hoof Boots
  5. Fitting Hoof Boots

What is a Hoof Boot?

Cavallo Hoof Boots Trail Riding

Hoof boots are fastened to the hoof, typically by Velcro straps. Similar to metal shoes, they help to protect the horse’s hoof while being ridden. Hoof boots do have the added advantage of offering shock absorption and providing comfort on different terrains.

There are lots of different styles of hoof boots depending on your horse’s needs. Check out our recommendations further down the blog post.

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Which Horses Can Use Hoof Boots?

Barefoot Horses – hoof boots are particularly useful for barefoot horses. The boots offer protection to the hoof that would otherwise come from a metal shoe. Riders like to use them on rougher terrain and for their shock absorbing properties.

Horses Transitioning to Barefoot – if your horse has always been shod, it can be a bit of a transition to being totally barefoot. Using hoof boots can help keep your horse comfortable as they get used to being barefoot. You may find you use them daily, or if your horse adapts well, you may only need them for occasional added protection.

Shod Horses - hoof boots can even be used on shod horses. If your horse is prone to losing a shoe, hoof boots can help keep them on. On hard or stony ground, hoof boots can cushion the hoof to prevent bruising or pain. They are also handy if you’re out riding and lose a shoe – a bit like having a spare tire to hand!

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Benefits of Hoof Boots

Cavallo Metallic Hoof Boots

There are lots of benefits to using hoof boots:

  • Shock absorbing – they don’t prevent the natural shock absorbing function of the hoof like a metal shoe can and have cushioned soles.
  • Works with the natural hoof – they protect the hoof without inhibiting the natural hoof mechanism or causing concussion to travel up the horse’s leg.
  • Cost effective – buying hoof boots and having a farrier trim your horse’s hooves is less expensive than them being fully shod.
  • Great for all terrain – they protect the hooves on rough, stony, or hard ground.
  • Can be used for rehabilitation – the shock absorbing soles can be really beneficial for horses suffering from navicular, laminitis, abscesses and other hoof conditions.

Hoof boots can also be used for lots of different work, including hacking, jumping, and driving.

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Types of Hoof Boots

Cavallo Trek Boot 

Cavallo Trek Hoof Boot

  • Suitable for all terrain
  • Waterproof and high performance
  • Lightweight with built-in sole relief
  • Excellent traction
  • Available with regular or slim sole

Cavallo Sport Boot

Cavallo Sport Hoof Boot

  • Suited to lighter riding
  • Sleek, stylish design
  • Leather inside and out with foam-filled collar
  • Great for rehabilitation as well as riding
  • Available with regular or slim sole

 Cavallo Simple Boot

Cavallo Simple Boot

  • Simple to size and fit
  • Fits to the natural hoof
  • Soft leather foam-filled collar
  • Great for rehabilitation as well as riding
  • Available with regular or slim sole

Cavallo Entry Level Boot

Cavallo Entry Level

  • Great for horses making the transition to becoming barefoot, or for occasional use
  • Simple to fasten
  • Great for rehabilitation as well as riding
  • Available with regular or slim sole, as well as a bling colourway

Cavallo Cute Little Boot

Cavallo Cute Little Hoof Boot

  • Perfect for smaller hooves
  • Heavy duty construction for durability
  • Easy Velcro fastening
  • Available with regular or slim sole, and in metallic colours

Cavallo Big Foot Boot

Cavallo Big Hoof Boot

  • For larger hooves
  • Soft foam collar with comfy lining
  • Heavy duty construction for durability
  • Easy Velcro fastening

Cavallo Air Transport Boots

Cavallo Air Transport Hoof Boot

  • Can be used on shod or barefoot horses while travelling
  • Built-in sole relief
  • All-terrain tread with excellent traction
  • Provides protection and shock absorption

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Fitting Hoof Boots

Check out the fitting guide to get the right size for your horse. Cavallo also suggest starting with 15-20 minutes of wear to allow your horse to ‘break-in’ the boots gradually. Using the Cavallo Comfort Sleeve can also help prevent chafing during this period.

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