Zilco SL Sportz Shetland Driving Harness Single

The SL Sportz is designed similarly to the SL Shetland but with an Empathy collar and some other small improvements
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Zilco brought out the SL Sportz driving harness to compliment the existing SL Shetland for drivers who wanted a bit more from their harness and preferred the use of an Empathy collar. The basis of the Empathy collar is that it allows for a wider distribution of weight by making full use of the pulling area available on the pony. This is particularly useful on small ponies where the area between wind pipe and point of shoulder is limited allowing only for a fairly narrow breastplate of traditional design.

Made from the same World renowned quality materials as all the top range Zilco harnesses you can be assured that the harness will remain safe through many years of service. It will not stretch or break when you need it the most. Years of experience mean that Zilco have designed their harnesses perfectly for a comfortable fit and ease of maintenance.

This is the ideal harness for both Shetlands and small ponies and each part is also available separately, an invaluable option not offered by other harness manufacturers. This allows you to build up the harness gradually if necessary for economic reasons. It also means that if a part is lost it can be simply replaced without the need to purchase a whole new harness. Additionally the SL and SL Mini are compatible in most parts meaning a smaller part can be introduced in any area if required. Simply visit our SL and SL Mini Parts Section to view the range.

If a more traditional style breastplate is desired then the SL Shetland would be more appropriate

We are more than happy to custom build a set of SL harness for you if your pony is not an off the peg size. We are here to help with any advise you might need and will guarantee an experienced unbiased opinion. We love driving and we want as many people as possible to access this terrific sport
  • Elegantly proportioned to suit Shetlands and Small Ponies
  • Light to handle yet smart, sturdy and comfortable for all levels of competition
  • SL harness is made from Zilco's superb quality materials and includes quality stainless steel fittings for effortless wipe-clean maintenance
  • Flexi saddle for a comfortable fit on all types of conformation
  • Bridle has special design features to suit Shetland pony heads
    • Variable length browband to allow for thick forelocks and broad foreheads
    • Throatlash is set back from headpiece and has extensive adjustment. This is a safety feature which helps to prevent ponies with thick manes and small ears from scratching their bridles off
    • Elegantly shaped blinkers to show off pretty little heads
  • The SL Sportz has a sporty contour empathy breastplate and integrated traces with generous adjustment at the vehicle end.
  • The empathy contour breastplate is particularly suitable for ponies with a low set neck. It allows freedom of the shoulder and enables ponies to pull more efficiently. particularly useful for hilly countryside and marathons.
  • The breeching has a single hip strap an an adjustable breeching seat to make the harness more versatile across a range of different ponies, whether fine or stocky. 
  • Suitable for; marathon or scurry driving.
  • Each set comes complete with harness bag with ventilation panels
To ensure the SL harness will be a correct fit for your pony, we have included the measurements of key harness parts below

Headpiece 12mm - 50cm
Deluxe Headpiece 12mm - 52cm (20")
Browband 12mm - 41cm
Deluxe Browband - 37cm (14.5")
Throatlash 12mm - 94cm (continuous around neck)
Deluxe Throatlash 12mm - 43cm (17")
Noseband 12mm - 41-60cm (16-24")
Deluxe Noseband - 48-63cm (19-25")
Cheeks 12mm - 30-46cm (12-18")
Deluxe Cheeks 12mm - 20-24cm (7.75-9")
Reins - 340cm (134")
Breastplate - 82cm (32")
False Martingale - 57-68cm (22-27")
False Bellyband - 40cm (16")
Breeching - 90cm (35")
Breeching Straps - 108cm (42")
Traces - 145cm (57")
Treeless Saddle - 75-135cm (33-49")
Deluxe Saddle - 85-125cm (33-49")
Girth - 35cm (14")
Crupper - 79-92cm (31-36")

Additional extras can be purchased in the options below. Quick Release Tugs, Quick Release Shackles and Quick Release Shackles for Curl Hooks.

If you are new to drivng please visit our Blog Section "Information for new Drivers" for some helpful articles

Harness Measuring Form

Zilco Harness Size Guide

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Alex from Limassol   5 Stars

great International shipping to Cyprus. This is very hard to get here so i was so pleased that I could buy it so easily from this shop.

Reviewer: Leanne from Westmeath   5 Stars

Received very quickly and very happy with the service and the harness

Reviewer: Keith from Worcestershire   5 Stars

The empathy collar on this harness is perfect for my shetland and he finds it much more comfortable than the breastplate. The integrated traces are much easier to work with and harness up. Thank you

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Zilco SL Mini Shetland Harness Single - Fixed Backband
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Zilco SL Shetland Single Driving Harness - Fixed Backband
Zilco SL Shetland Single Driving Harness - Fixed Backband
Zilco's SL Shetland driving harness is specifically designed for Shetlands and small ponies
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Zilco SL Shetland Pair Driving Harness
The SL model of Zilco driving harness has a traditionally shaped breastplate and breeching for a more elegant and traditional style in the show ring
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Zilco SL Shetland Team Driving Harness
The SL Shetland team harness is made from top quality materials to offer a long and reliable working life
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