Zilco Harness Racing

In 1962, Zilco was the first company in the World to use synthetic materials in the manufacture of harness and hopples. They now export to countries all over the World providing different harness options for Australia and New Zealand, Europe, United Kingdom as well as Canada and the United States.Harness Racing

With nearly 50 years experience in the industry,
Zilco continue to offer innovative top quality material and, fittings to serve the harness racing World.

It is believed that harness racing began in the mid 1700's and that the first recorded race took place on Newmarket Heath on 29th August 1750.

Some notable horses recorded in history are Phenomena, a 14.3hh mare, who acheived some incredible times throughout her career including 17 miles in 53minutes at age 12 years
. At the age of 23 years she still strotted 9 miles in 28.5 minutes. Creeping Sally, a blind 14hh mare who was challenged to complete 50 miles within 5 hours, arrived back 16 minutes under the time.

Today the British mile record is held by Doonbeg in a time of 1m 53.7 secs.


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