Zilco Driving Bridle

Zilco driving bridle as supplied standard for ZGB, Exell, Elite and Classic sets of harness. Available in pony, cob, full and extra full sizes
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Brand: Zilco
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We are more than happy to custom build a bridle for you if your horse or pony is not an off the peg size!

As supplied standard with Zilco ZGB, Exell, Elite and Classic sets of harness.

The bridle is complete with full round blinkers & noseband as standard but other blinker options are available and can be selected below.

Zilco have released a new Fine Patent Bridle for dressage and presentation, individual parts for this are also available

BRIDLE - This Zilco bridle has a padded headpiece, designed to reduce poll pressure. It features an independent noseband that adjusts from the cheeks on each side, to reduce the number of straps over the poll.

NOSEBAND - The noseband for Cob, Full and Extra Full Zilco bridles feature a double buckle adjustment and padded chin rest. The Pony bridle features a single buckle noseband, more suited to smaller faces. All bridles come complete with removable flash straps fitted to the noseband.

BLINKERS - Full round. Blind stays can be shaped to achieve a customized view, wide visibility or narrower. Options for different blinkers available below.

BROWBAND & ROSETTES - This bridle comes standard with a plain browband and decorative rosettes, but plain rosettes and a clincher or coloured browband are available separately.


Headpiece 52cm (20") 13mm (1/2") wide strapping
Rosettes 40mm
Throatlash 44cm (17.5") 13mm (1/2") wide strapping
Browband 41cm (16") 13mm (1/2") wide strapping
Noseband 48cm (19") to 63cm (25") 13mm (1/2") wide strapping adjustable one side
Flash strap 66cm (26")
Noseband Hangers 28cm (11") 13mm (1/2") wide strapping
Blinkers 24cm (9") to 31cm (12")

Headpiece 63cm (25") 19mm (3/4") strapping
Rosettes 47mm
Throatlash 50cm (19.5") 19mm (3/4") strapping
Browband 43cm (17")
Noseband 53cm (21") to 71cm (28") 19mm (3/4") strapping
Flash strap 68cm (27")
Noseband Hangers 33cm (13") 19mm (3/4") strapping
Blinkers 27cm (11") to 35cm (14")

Headpiece 68cm (27") 19mm (3/4") strapping
Rosettes 47mm
Throatlash 55cm (21.5") 19mm (3/4") strapping
Browband 45cm (17.5")
Noseband 61cm (24") to 78cm (31") 19mm (3/4") strapping
Flash strap 71cm (28")
Noseband Hangers 36cm (14") 19mm (3/4") strapping
Blinkers 30cm (12") to 38cm (15")

Headpiece 81cm (32") 19mm (3/4") strapping
Rosettes 54mm
Throatlash 65cm (25.5") 19mm (3/4") strapping
Browband 51cm (20")
Noseband 68cm (26.75") 19mm (3/4") strapping
Flash strap 75cm (30")
Noseband Hangers 39cm (15") 19mm (3/4") strapping
Blinkers 34cm (13") to 42cm (17")

What is the Bridle?

A bridle in driving has several roles. Primarily it is used to control the horse via the reins and bit. It is also used to provide blinkers for the horse to prevent it being frightened or distracted by the vehicle. It is very important that the bridle is correctly fitted to prevent accidents and for the comfort of the horse. If you are unsure exactly how this should be fitted it is very important to seek expert advise

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Claire Cameron from Fort William   5 Stars
Great site with the best products and great frendly advice .Highly recommend

Reviewer: Jenni from Surrey   5 Stars
Really comfortable bridle and looks smart too

Reviewer: Elisabeth from Mandfield Notts   4 Stars
Lovely quality bridle, promptly delivered. Finding the wired stays difficult to use, would prefer the less rigid ones I think

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