Sprenger KK Ultra Loose Ring Snaffle Aurigan

Compared to conventional bits, the double jointed KK ULTRAs have a middle link - also known as the bean - that is shortened and angled forward by 45 degrees
Product Code: 4060512588
Brand: Sprenger
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KK Ultra Loose Ring Snaffle

Mouthpiece: KK Ultra
Mouthpiece Material: Aurigan
Mouthpiece Thickness: 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 21mm available
Ring Size: 70mm (with the exception of the 4 1/4" which has 55mm rings)

Compared to conventional bits, the double jointed KK ULTRAs have a middle link - also known as the bean - that is shortened and angled forward by 45 degrees.

Only with this angle the middle link lies gently on the tongue resulting in even and constant contact to allow clear instructions through the reins.

The innovative KK ULTRA bits take advantage of the exceptional sensitivity of the horse's tongue which multiplies the perceptions from signals given by the bit. When the reins are pulled the middle part of the KK ULTRA fully rests on the tongue without squeezing and the connection rings roll on the tongue. The tongue's sense of touch is utilised and clear instructions can be given.

The KK ULTRA bits provide an incomparable precise contact between rider and horse. A hige improvement can normally be seen immediately when switching to a KK ULTRA bit.

The anatomically adapted mouthpiece is very comfortable for the horse as the rider can give softer instructions and the horse's suppleness is supported harmoniously.

The loose ring snaffle allows the mouthpiece to move more freely in the mouth encouraging a relaxed jaw a mobile tongue. This is generally an advantage in disciplines such as dressage but can be a disadvantage with some horses who become overly playful with the bit. The rings are free to move laterally allowing clear transmission of the rein aids and the loose ring offers the least resistance when comared to other snaffle cheeks.

Aurigan is a patented material which produces a distinctive and pleasant taste that horses love. This particular taste encourages horses to chew and produce saliva which promotes the rapid acceptance of the AURIGAN bits - the best connection for a successful horse and rider team.

AURIGAN is not just a colour bt a taste that horses love.

Aurigan provides a specific smell which can even be realised by the human nose. Horses love this special smell and taste and therefore accept the bit rapidly.

The evolution of Aurigan
It is known that copper encourages the production of saliva and therefore the chewing activity due to is oxidation in the horse's mouth. The only problem is that pure copper is too soft to be used as a biting material. Since time immemorial the copper alloy German Silver has been used for the manufacturing of bits. Sprenger produced German Silver bits since its company founding in 1872. They made it their business to develop an alloy that expresses the advantages of copper even more and features an extremely high breaking strength. So Sprenger evolved Aurigan in collaboration eith the Veterinary University of Hannover which exceeds the quality of the established German Silver by far. Furthermore, long term studies have proven that Aurigan and its oxidation are really appreciated by horses.

85% copper, 4% silicon, remainder zinc. Very good oxidation
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