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In 1962, Zilco was the first company in the World to use synthetic materials in the manufacture of harness and hopples. They now export to countries all over the World providing different harness options for Australia and New Zealand, Europe, United Kingdom as well as Canada and the United States.
With nearly 50 years experience in the industry, Zilco continue to offer innovative top quality material and, fittings. 

Care of your Zilco harness couldn't be simpler and compared to leather options it is by far the most logical choice. In addition, parts are sold individually which means your harness can be tailored exactly to your specific requirements. 

With safety in mind Zilco supply many different options for quick release in all of its harness ranges. 

One of the biggest appeals with Zilco harness is the ease of maintenance. Simply wipe clean, hose down or tub wash in warm soapy water. Hang to dry. Zilco driving harness always maintains its strength regardless of how wet or dirty it becomes from heavy use. 

Strapping – Zilco sealed strapping: core of strong web sealed with a modern polymer to give the handling qualities of leather but can be asily cleaned and has enormous strength
Fittings – All buckles and shaft fittings are stainless steel. A feature of Zilco buckles is the solid roller.
Saddle Tree Flexible – Unique Zilco elastomeric flexible tree which will conform to the shape of most horses, whilst giving good spine clearance. Used in all saddles except US style S3 QH
Saddle Tree Spring Steel – Used in US style saddle S3 QH
Saddle Lining – Standard Zilco saddles are lined with a waffle printed, padded and flexible PVC which offers the horse greater comfort and can be used without a saddle pad. Close contact saddles have removable waffle pads.
Colour Options
Some harness sets are available with some coloured items – see each set for details.
Part Options
Alternative part options are available for many aspects of the harness set.